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Think of the cipher as being like a door lock. The Caesar Cipher was one of the earliest ciphers ever invented. With statement Aanybody can read and understand it clearly.

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Throughout this tutorial, we will be using various packages of Python for implementation of cryptographic algorithms. Cipher Text Cipher text is the message obtained after applying cryptography on plain text.

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Integrity simply helps in detecting data alteration. The two parties exchange the key in a secure way. The while statements simply mean that so far as the variable I is greater or equal to zero, the code continues to execute in the block.

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Julius Caesar invented the reverse cipher circa years ago. Multiplicative Cipher While using Caesar cipher technique, encrypting and decrypting symbols involves converting the values into numbers with a simple basic procedure of addition or subtraction. It would take quite a long time for a computer to brute-force through a majority of nine million keys. Consider the plain text hello world, and let us apply the simple columnar transposition technique as shown below The plain text characters are placed horizontally and the cipher text is created with vertical format as : holewdlo lr. In addition, it also provides assurance about the date and time of transmission of data. Example Consider an example where the statement This is program to explain reverse cipher is to be implemented with reverse cipher algorithm. The main function is initialized at the end to get the appropriate output. The recipient can decrypt the message via the agreed number. Encryption The process of converting plain text to cipher text is called encryption. You may need to think of methods to split larger files up to use this encryption method on large files. It includes class definition with various features like encapsulation and polymorphism.

I also imported the 'random' module and used this to shuffle the characters in order according to a seed that the user inputs.

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