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You should also get in the habit of asking routinely about common conditions that have a genetic component e. The HPI should be a chronological history of the chief concern. A general rule is to use pertinent positives and negatives only when they are relevant to your differential diagnosis.

Heath Care Maintenance: In a general medicine clinic, it's helpful to conclude each note with a Health Care Maintenance section.

Medical history taking format

He quit approximately 10 years ago and has an approximately 50 pack year smoking history. Positive polyuria, hesitancy and post void dribbling and intermittency. Specific concerns that the patient may have e. He responds to painful stimuli at the feet bilaterally. There is no signs of consolidation. He does have an audible expiratory wheeze with and without the aid of the stethoscope with a prolonged expiratory phase. If you have done a good job conveying your thoughts in the assessment, the plan needs no further discussion as it should be obvious why you ordered what you did. One stepped into a limbus of time, a labium of space. Current medications. He has moderate body wall edema. Labs and tests performed in ED belong in the lab section. Medications and allergies have their own headings. No discharge.

He appears to have been a moderately heavy abuser of alcohol for approximately 60 plus years. He travels frequently for long periods of time. In general, organizing by systems rather than problems and diagnoses leads to sloppy thinking because you lose sight of the symptom or problem you are treating and often do not prioritize the problems correctly.

Try to provide a description that would allow your attending to go from room-to-room and identify your patient.

medical history sample cases

Mary's Hospital. Both of them are completely normal. His differential is benign. When possible, include the dates and location of the hospitalizations. All medications including OTC and supplements should be listed with the dosage.

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History and Physical Examination (H&P) Examples