Write an exponential functions

The graph is an example of an exponential decay function.

exponential function formula

Yes, provided the two points are either both above the x-axis or both below the x-axis and have different x-coordinates. Authored by: Jay Abramson, et al.

how to find exponential function

The student does not understand the basic form of an exponential function. Instructional Implications Provide specific feedback to the student and allow the student to revise the function or explanation.

Got It The student provides complete and correct responses to all components of the task. Search for: Find the equation of an exponential function In the previous examples, we were given an exponential function, which we then evaluated for a given input.

Can it be applied to this problem? Provide additional opportunities for the student to write exponential functions from verbal descriptions, tables of values, and graphs. Figure 3.

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How to Write an Exponential Function Given a Rate and an Initial Value