Write about 8 parts of speech

The different parts of speech are explained below along with their examples. A verb must agree with its subject in number both are singular or both are plural. During the game, the audience never stopped cheering for their team. These are called degrees of comparison.

Sentences with all 8 parts of speech

Often adjectives end in -ly. They often come with an exclamation mark. Simply put, this is a word that shows an action physical or mental or state of being of the subject in a sentence. They can otherwise function in the same way as nouns, serving as subjects and objects in sentences. The pronoun : Pronouns stand in for nouns. The third and fourth example sentences contain all 8 parts of speech. Verb This is the most important part of a speech, for without a verb, a sentence would not exist. The action is a verb. They can tell us the position of an object on, under, in. She is a good girl. The following list includes the most common prepositions: The young girl brought me a very long letter from the teacher, and then she quickly disappeared.

Often adjectives end in -ly. The noun : Nouns are words for people, places and things. Thus well here acts as an adverb. I haven't made a page for interjections.

It tells you how something is done. The third and fourth example sentences contain all 8 parts of speech. That doughnut is huge! Examples: I, you, he, she, it, we, they etc.

Got it? Verbs also take different forms to express tense.

parts of speech chart

Verb: A verb is a word which describes an action doing something or a state being something.

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8 Parts Of Speech Definition And Examples