Windows 8 tablet writing app

The Color by Disney app gives you a diversity of coloring books for just about any Disney film you can imagine. While Color by Disney is free, there are various in-app upgrades required if you want to access more color batches or additional characters.

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Although I wish each pen type had a default remember the last use. Everyone remembers Notepad, the easy to use writing software that was integrated on all Windows operated computers. You can download the videos for offline viewing or share them with friends.

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Hyper supports Windows 8's Snap view so you can dock your movie to the side while splitting the screen with another app. The app lets you find your service providers and pulls the bills you owe from them, as well as your recent payments. Each player can only see the message drawn immediately before their turn.

You can find games such as Contra and Super Mario Bros via the app and curate them in your own library.

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The Radial Menu, despite its terrible name, is actually one of the best parts of OneNote, allowing you to access a lot of settings very quickly.

I often use it to show connections between different notes in class.

Windows 8 tablet writing app

The ad-supported Instagram client lets you view your feed, upload and edit pictures and interact with your friends just as you would on the original app. The app also works with the Surface Dial , giving you greater control over your artistic endeavors. You can accomplish the same thing with a finger tap and hold, but it takes a couple seconds for the menu to appear. Once you have pressed and tapped, it takes several seconds for the context menu to appear, slowly transitioning from transparent to full view. Microsoft has announced new features, including a math assistant tool that will be able to recognize and solve handwritten equations, which will debut in OneNote in the near future. By Andy Rathbone Windows 8 on your tablet comes with a plenty of built-in apps. You can find games such as Contra and Super Mario Bros via the app and curate them in your own library. Did we mention that Nook offers over 3 million eBooks, most of which are for free?

Browse and watch thousands of videos, download videos to watch offline, and search and share your favorites — all for free. Read Morethis creates a link that can be shared with your friends if you want them to be able to see your notes. Well, if you tap that icon, a multitude of options will appear, allowing you to customize 4 different pens and switch quickly between them all.

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