Vehicular emissions and air quality standards

Vehicle CO2 emissions are regulated around the world and are reduced by improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. It was found that an interquartile range increase in concentrations of NO2, PM2.

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NOx can react with HC, VOCs, and other pollutants with ultraviolet radiation to form ground-level ozone and photochemical smog. Future emissions of most pollutants in most regions are projected to decline significantly following the introduction of these regulations, even without electric vehicles and with increased travel overall.

Just compare the images of New York City below.

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Google Scholar 4. Reducing pollution from transportation sources has led to healthier air for Americans. Annual average PM2. The road ahead The Problem—Increasing Air Pollution in Cities in the mid's After World War II, economic growth, population growth, rapid suburbanization, and the closing of some public transit systems led to more reliance on personal vehicles for transportation.

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Twenty-five years after introduction of automotive catalysts: what next? In spite of its status as a developing country, China has entered the developed auto world.

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Vehicle emissions and air quality