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However it is the stages of implementation and evaluation that encountered several obstacles, thereby necessitating reassessment of various processes.

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March ; Vol 68, pp Laws are carried out or implemented by executive branch departments or ministries that are structured as strict hierarchies. The focus of subsequent reforms in the public service has been to move away from the idea of a rigid and bureaucratized career service, towards a more fluid structure. This form of administration was mostly influenced by Max Weber with his bureaucratic model and theory. The tension between traditional public administration and the new public management reflects the fundamental tension between accountability and efficiency that has always characterized public administration, but the balance is in flux. The use of information and communication technologies ICTs such as distributed computer systems, Internet linkages, new databases could lead to a re-conceptualization of the very way that bureaucracies work. The Kavran report of reported that there were difficulties in obtaining information from the government. It would encourage managers to take risks and be more entrepreneurial. Other major obstacles to the reform process identified by Brown are as follows: lack of commitment and ownership at both political and senior management levels b senior public service managers were either unaware or apathetic about project objectives c a lack of consensus and a clear vision on the part of the Government of Guyana about the kind of public sector it wanted.

Bissessar, Ann Marie, Human resource management is seen as an increasingly critical component in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness. The problem, of course, is that it is very difficult to measure outcomes, and even if they can be measured, it is extremely difficult to attribute their achievement to any one governmental program.

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The PSMP in Jamaica is a good example of a reform programme that is being monitored and coordinated at the highest level of government. But this leaves the problem of how to measure the economic value of such goods and judge whether they are being produced efficiently.

Essay on new public management

Politicians make policies and administrators implement the policies. Introduction The pharmaceutical industry is one that has been seeking to enhance efficiency in customer relationship management through strategies that involve a transition from the traditional sales force to Key Account Management. The NPM policy makers also failed to take into consideration the domestic environment in various countries. Administrative questions are not political questions. Who shall do it: That is, who shall implement policies? Commissioners argued that they were charges against them. Granting more discretion to managers to manage is necessary; if they are to be held accountable for their performance, they must have the flexibility to use their judgment. New Public Management is generally used to describe a management culture that emphasises upon the citizen or customer as being central, as well as having accountability for results. This is prevalent in most government departments of Zimbabawe especially the military where things are done according to the book. Rather than a control orientation, it was management oriented, and intended to measure the performance of governmental activities. Jamaica adhered closely to may of the guidelines and measures such as auditing financial reforms in the budgeting systems and performance appraisal systems were successfully introduces Bissessar The answer is one of context and scale. The governmental reforms of the progressive era had been developed and elaborated so much that the rules and procedures that originally facilitated management came to choke off innovation. According to Radman to be effective, the monitoring and coordination functions of Civil Service reforms should be conducted at such a high level in government hierarchy that they attain sufficient respect and clout in the system. The major initiatives identified for action were; a Strategic Planning b Organizational Reviews c Customer Charters d Integrated Internal Reform Committees e Employee Assistance Programmes f Year of customer Service An analysis of the Barbados experience showed that they adopted a rational rather than incremental approach to the reform process.

The Westminster system of governance which is the model adopted by these countries seem to be more relevant when the populations are homogeneous. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

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This is prevalent in most government departments of Zimbabawe especially the military where things are done according to the book.

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Essay on New Public Management