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In the s, Hughes's poems became more radical as the racial tensions in America became increasingly divisive. Both Blacks and Whites have enjoyed Langston Hughes poetry for many years. Hughes 86 In this beautiful poem, Hughes delineates a distance between the narrator of a poem and the blues man playing as if to make known to the world the distance between the poet and?

The rhythmic chant of the line, "I've known rivers", serves to emphasize the worldly experience Hughes felt was embodied in the soul of every African-American.

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If white people are pleased we are glad. Semple, often referred to and spelled "Simple", the everyday black man in Harlem who offered musings on topical issues of the day. Hughes's father moved to Mexico while the poet was still a child, and Hughes's mother took him to Lawrenceville, Kansas to live with his grandmother. The columns were highly successful, and "Simple" would later be the focus of several of Hughes' books and plays. His point of view became immense and included another book of poetry, almost a dozen children's books, several opera libretti, four books translated from French and Spanish, two collections of stories, another novel, the history of the NAACP and another volume of autobiography, I Wonder As I Wander. He came to support the war effort and black American participation after deciding that war service would aid their struggle for civil rights at home. Back in New York City from seafaring and sojourning in Europe, he met in the writers Arna Bontemps and Carl Van Vechten , with whom he would have lifelong influential friendships.

Knopf, He wrote novels, short stories, plays, poetry, operas, essays, and works for children. The story portrays an African American boy, Sandy, caught between two worlds and two attitudes.

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Along the way, he composed his first major poem, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers," which was published in W. The tom-tom cries and the tom-tom laughs. He stated that in retrospect he thought it was because of the stereotype about African Americans having rhythm. If they are not, their displeasure doesn't matter either. Oxford University Press. That title sparked an interest in writing poetry. An example is the poem "A New Song". She also financed his education to Lincoln University, which was an all-male, black college in Pennsylvania.

He hoped to earn enough money to return to college, but work as a hotel busboy paid very little, and life in the nation's capital, where racial tensions were fierce, made him unhappy. In he spent six months in Paris, France.

That summer one of his essays and another poem won prizes in the Crisis literary contest. His personal experiences and opinions inspire his writing intricately.

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Also at this time, Hughes himself began writing poetry and developing his unique style. Lines five through eight are a miniature primer on the high points of African history, "I bathed in the Euphrates.

We know we are beautiful. When asked why he never joined the Communist Party, he wrote, "it was based on strict discipline and the acceptance of directives that I, as a writer, did not wish to accept.

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