Strategic management case study marriott

Strategic management case study marriott

Nowadays, the stiff hospitality industry situation puts more stress on hotels, especially on international ones. Its franchise system ensures profitability for retailers, shareholders and franchisees while providing convenient access for customers. Perceptual Mapping. Emerging Asian travel and tourism markets 0. Next to that the way of handling need to be changed to a more local view. I created a vision on the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats within the company which could be improved by changing the current strategy. Marriott International, By looking at the six-parts strategy picture I can say that Marriott is following its strategy well by keeping all the six parts into consideration. Founded by J. The illustrative case of Marriott International showed a kind of strategic shift can be observed in the market behavior of Marriott, the importance of strategic management areas may change which should be taken into account, better signal to Marriott International management for a continuous strategic planning and execution. However it is an international chain which also has to deal with the trends in a specific country or area where an specific hotel is located. Vulnerability to terrorists attacks raise security and safety concerns. Marriott Individual Incentives, Tourism is increasing again: Please find the data in picture 2. Honey, M. This could be renovated and by giving some effective trainings, the service can be enhanced and more individualized. Higher brand recognition and recall makes the company priority choice for clients.

Over dependence on luxury brands: Marriott international primarily focus on the luxury products but there is large population which cannot afford the luxuries. Vulnerability to terrorists attacks raise security and safety concerns.

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The advantage of using this method is because it looks at the current and the future success and it provides a balance between the internal and the external measures. Willard Marriott, the company is now led b y s o n J. External Factor Evaluation Matrix E. BART model.

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When Marriott International is sticking to this plan and use this plan every half a year, the chain will remain or even enhance their brand awareness and be up to date with the technological trends.

It is a process which has to deal with some pitfalls and is therefore a key part of strategic management, hence nine out of ten companies fails to implement their strategy correctly.

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But are they really performing that good, or is it only on paper? Franchising: there is opportunity for the Marriott to increase its franchises in the different countries around the globe. I created a vision on the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats within the company which could be improved by changing the current strategy. BART model. To make sure this new strategy and the way of implementation will turn out profitable, the only step left is the monitoring and evaluating process of the strategic performance. As already discussed earlier, Marriott is coping with brand dilution. Sorenson, will put together an implementation plan together with the board of directors. In order to stick to this part of their strategy, Marriott has to investing in renovating the old-fashioned hotels and they need to focus on differentiation. Next to that, Marriott came with some standards for choosing suppliers. An example would be reducing wastage and use of advanced technology to develop better products faster. Proposed Mission statement: Marriott international tries to maintain its loyal customer base and attract new customers in both domestic and international markets with its commitment to provide best quality services. Willard Marriott when he and his wife opened a root beer stand in Washington D. Franchising: Marriott international have large no of franchisees over 60 countries which facilitate the rapid expansion of its portfolio.

Increase of real estate in Asia. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Since the business environment is continually changing, strategic decisions need to cope with change.

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Analysis of the Strategy of Marriott International Inc.