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It is more technical oriented, and they are skilled in making decisions in the functional areas. Silkair is a highly focused airline serving the smaller cities and towns of South East Asia.

There are many issues associated with decentralizing a business. An airlines employees include people whose work is predominantly in the air for example, pilots and cabin crew, whilst others work on the ground like baggage handlers, check-in staff and engineers.

Large manufacturing plants are located in American, Singapore and China. Thinking globally whilst acting locally Employees need to respond positively to local needs whilst remaining conscious of the global nature and standard requirements of the Groups activity.

For each region, it has created a senior vice president with authority for that region. To ensure the strategies align with the design and structure, SIA adopt mediating technology as well as organic structure.

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Stock exchange listing: The companys shares are quoted and traded on a stock exchange. She is currently Chief Commercial Officer at Airport Handling where she was deeply involved in the start-up process.

Customer service helps to distinguish one airline from another, and to give one an advantage over the other. SIA Engineering provides a range of engineering services for the airline itself and other customer airlines.

Ideally, the chosen structure will: include every part of the organisation relate each part to every other part show where the authority and responsibility of different individuals and their departments lie enable everyone within the organisation to assess their roles and status.

Her very good attitudes and skills shown at Finance allowed her to take on various roles of responsibility as Financial Planning and Control Manager first, followed by International Affairs and Relationship Manager.

Normally, functional units are managed by leader who equip with in-depth knowledge and experience and hence able to control the unit more effectively.

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Singapore Airlines Organisational Design and Structure Essay Example