Sample research budget proposal

Sample research budget proposal

As your proposal is only 15 pages in total, refer only to the key references in your chosen research area.

A more comprehensive literature review will be required for your thesis.

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Think through the implications of what you are going to do. Field Work: If you are intending to undertake fieldwork, UWA must be able to contact you while you are in the field. Have you said that you will interview 50 people? This could be through coursework, short courses, or one-on-one training at UWA or another research facility. You should consider what facilities, resources and skills are available in your school or at UWA and what access you have to facilities, resources and skills outside your school or UWA. How much time? First, you will look foolish. The budget should make clear how the totals for each category of expenses are reached. Skills development: You should assess if you need to develop any particular skills in order to complete your project. Write down each trip separately. Describe the specific techniques or procedures you propose to use to collect and analyse your data. Looking at areas that people in the discipline haven't been done before. Budget Budgetary considerations are important, especially if you have limited access to funds. Research assistant: 1 day per week for a year at Level B1, plus

This includes the cost of basics like power and lighting; desks and chairs; and cleaners and security staff. Be realistic.

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If so, do you need time release from teaching? You need to ensure your project is feasible and establish where the funds will be coming from to finance it. Accommodation for a month in each place, plus per diem, plus travel insurance rule 3F.

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Take your methodology and turn it into a step-by-step plan.

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