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Flamboyant, yes, well in Oedipus the King, the main character Oedipus is a boastful and pompous character faced with troublesome pasts and future predicaments. His existence would be as dependent and conditioned as ours.

This form of sacral status is found mainly among rulers over one tribe or several —he may be a chief, medicine manshamanor king as, for example, a rainmaker-king in Africa —in which a fixed definition or limitation of such functions is not possible.

Ex: Ra, Odin. With the dwindling of his own physical powers illness, graying of hair, and loss of teethhis own power to maintain and secure the common welfare and his own ability to rule are believed to be correspondingly diminished.

And there are Buddhists who believe devotion to Amitabha Buddha will bring them to rebirth in the Pure Land. Here, the deity we choose to identify with represents the essential qualities of the fully awakened experience latent within us.

Only gradually did a division of these powers develop. It was represented in the latter part of the 20th century by Swedish historians of religion who theorized that, for the entire ancient Middle East, certain cult patterns existed and that behind those cult patterns lay the sacred-king ideology.

The study of sacred kingship, however, was introduced when the British anthropologist Sir James Frazer published The Golden Bough — That's what matters.

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