Proverb in english and vietnamese

These include similes, metaphors, proverbs and sayings as good as jargon, slang, and colloquialisms. The purpose of this article is to understand the symbolic meaning of some animals which are expressed through proverbs in both English and Vietnamese cultures.

How long does the statement exist enough to be traditional? More haste, less speed. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.

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Struggling and fighting is also a distinguish topic in English and Vietnamese proverbs. When clam and crane quarrel, the fisherman gets the benefits.

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By collecting and comparing all cultural elements, proverbs provide a vivid demonstration of people, societies, economics, lifestyles and ways of thinking in historical contexts. We can say that England economy in the past depended much on sheep breeding for getting wool, milk and meat. As Franz Boas, a German American anthropologist, stated, one could not really understand another culture without having an access to its language because of the intimate connection between them. This paper investigates some resemblances, differences as well as some gaps between proverbs in two languages: English and Vietnamese via explanations and examples. Vuong Quan Hoang. Proverbs often metaphorical. The saying usually contains words of wisdom, truth or morals that are based on common sense or practical experience. An attractive person many not necessarily be a good person. The latter proposes some practical recommendations of how to apply teaching proverbs into the general English language teaching.

These new proverb-like does give some meanings, viewpoints or experiences but listed in the book, they are only ironic sayings. Methods of the research The basic material collection method that is employed in the research is referring to all publications concerning English and Vietnamese proverbs, especially those which have already contain a list of proverbs together with their meanings.

From these examples we can see that the literal translation can introduce the vivid expression of words clearly indicating the animal from the source language to the target language.

Proverb in english and vietnamese

Therefore, many researchers have long shown their concerns for idioms and proverbs. Image source: blog.

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Mille et un proverbes. Despite the universal features, there still be distinct features that differentiate one culture from another. Since the union of the country after the end of Vietnam War in , in response to the necessity of standardizing language basement and enhancing traditional culture, more collections and detailed analyses were introduced to the public. Meaning: Similar people often become friends. Surpringly, he encouraged you with many very short but meaningful sentences that extremely motivate you. Translation: Making peace is treasured. Both cultures share the same capabilities of thought, the same laws of cognition and a common, universal morality. English and Vietnamese proverbs draw some obvious differences in illustrative devices and meanings, which reflect profound affection of different cultures, economics, religions and regimes.

And among those various folklore genres above, proverbs are the most concise form of wisdom. But the Vietnamese dragon brings good luck and nobleness.

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An Overview of English and Vietnamese Proverbs A