Personalized medicine and genetic technology

Genetic testing gives companies access to our most sensitive and deeply intimate information—our genetics. In other words, it means delivering the right medicine to the right people at the right time. It is still in its infancy but is likely to influence traditional medicine more and more over time.

genetic engineering in medicine

Completed inthe hope was that it would kick-start "genomic medicine," where healthcare would be delivered based on the characteristics of our genetic profile as well as our medical history. The convergence of technologies, tools and biological understanding sets the stage for a potential paradigm shift in patient treatment, giving us the potential for curative and potentially palliative treatments.

Enabled by high-throughput technologies in DNA analysis, genomics introduces a further dimension to individualized predictive medicine.

gene editing precision medicine

MilliporeSigma recognizes the potential benefits of conducting properly defined research with genome editing because of the breakthrough therapeutic potential.

The response rate in patients has been tremendous. Researchers still have much to learn. Reading to your kid every night before they go to sleep has a much higher impact on their IQ than any genetic modification that we could do today or in the foreseeable future.

Globally, genetic testing ranks among the top 10 global consumer trends foraccording to research firm Euromonitor. They would like to figure out a way to ensure that they are not passing it on.

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Genome editing and Personalized Medicine: What it is (and what it could be)