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Also giving a link of the Artidote community. We're supersars Bm the ones you know as total fuckups, we're proud of it.

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I only hope she still has time for us in the future! So what can we do? C I'm strumming chords, singing songs, F clap your hands, try and sing along, G It's a catchy tune, you just gotta learn the words, Am G so for what it's worth, we know our own worth, F We're fucking priceless baby Bb C Bb C Social outcasts, total fuckups, turn that shit up, we're proud of it C we're proud of it, we're proud of it Dm D m C'mon, lose your mind! With so much inspiration available, it can be easy to become distracted and lose site of your project identity. Do you know that almost every third person talking in the community is an Indian. Do they not have it? We're supersars Bm the ones you know as total fuckups, we're proud of it. Now there are so many people who will go like, this is very common, lifestyle stress is a part of the routine, nothing unusual in it etc etc.

Beardo was still in office. C I see you looking at me, probably thinking what a menace F to society, don't have a job, pays the bills with his guitar. But at the same time, some people are using social media in a most brilliant way to speak about depression, emotional instability.

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Her work always exceeds your expectations in a way that helps you envision how you can push your brand even farther than you ever initially imagined. Why so depressed?

As extra precaution, I asked him to go to a therapist as well. There are so many decisions to make and can include a lot of internal back and forth in terms of minute details and helping to have your branding stand out among the rest of companies in like-minded markets.

Open up! She has an amazing creative eye, she listens and cares to my directions, she always comes back with work better than expected. Her ability to turn fuzzy ideas into great user experiences is unparalleled.

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A friend of mine who is a professional traveller just took a treatment for depression.

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