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It became a jazz classic and a signature song for Coltrane in concert, also appearing on Newport '63 in That gives me something to work towards and I always do new dishes so they can try them out and give me feedback.

Lorrie Morgan 's version appeared in and again in at No. Cooking is my new hobby. By using the same melody-pattern, Rodgers harmonized it differently in different stanzas, using a series of minor triads one time and major triads the next.

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However, Ernest Lehmanthe screenwriter for the film adaptation, repositioned it so that Maria would sing it with the children during the thunderstorm scene in her bedroom, replacing " The Lonely Goatherd ", which had originally been sung at this point.

She makes a lot of noise for a tiny thing. It takes really good photos, and I play games and listen to music on it as well, of course. Using the same two notes for the phrasing of "so sad" in the original song, Rodgers brings the gloom of the song to a similar upbeat ending — "and then I don't feel so bad.

The song ends with a borrowed line of lyric and notes from Rodgers' earlier composition with Lorenz Hart" Glad to Be Unhappy ", a standard about finding peace in the midst of unrequited love.

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You know how some cats are really independent and hardly talk to you? Transcript: A boy My favourite thing has to be my new tablet. I have to be polite and talk to people then. These are the things she selects to fill her mind with when times are bad.

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Favourite things