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It is being more difficult to find a qualified person in this field. Supply Chain Management SCM , Nokia has integrated a operating model by using SCM to accomplish one with their central strategies, which is to add new-product speedily that reflect consumers' fast-changing mobile phone tastes to ensure a industry advantage which emphasize rapid-response processing, quick-ship logistics, and a "global resource web" that links back to you Nokia's crops and suppliers. Therefore, it offers new views for communities, helps them perform the work better. All these are sources for information Nokia gets and consider. Table 3. By having a good supply chain management system within the company, Nokia is able to achieve competitive advantage such as low-cost production and value-added service. The user's calendar, contact information, and other relevant data are always current and upto-date, no matter where the information is stored.

Nokia was a large television manufacturer and the largest information technology company in the Nordic Countries in Inthe digital switch Nokia DX which was developed by Nokia. Nokia launches the Nokia Type of data Nokia collects the personal data when a customer makes a purchase, use or register into their products and services, take part in a campaign or otherwise interact with themit also uses the Peer to Peer mode; In this mode, any two devices from Nokia can exchange date.

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Besides that. Knowledge management system that have been applied by Nokia is not necessary to be a computer system but it can be the process of various knowledge management activity such as organizing and utilizing the information, as well as other business action like strategic planning, solving problem and decision making.

Inthe goal was to sellunits of phone but Nokia sold 20 million.

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Members are required to over communicate at every levels and the culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration must exist within the group. Some of the main things that must be established are the procedures and processes required to gather the essential data. Operational level In operational level, Nokia is interested in mechanizing processing of routine information, where the information required is largely internal, well defined, narrow and detailed.

In order to create a great-performance and high-security supply chain management system, a large amount of investment of time and money is required to be made into aspect such as machinery, customer needs, shipping planning and supplier selection.

Nokia Website Nokia website can be an important channel because of this company to capture and transfer knowledge. IT helps a company to stay competitory in the turning competitory market.

For illustration.

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Nokia information system