Losing sight of the true essence of football

They serve the purpose of making clubs incredibly wealthy and contribute to the outrageous salaries that professional players receive, without providing any benefits to the sport itself.

I don't think we should forget that. But they are also the victims of a huge lie. The dab became a caricature of itself. An accusation of footballing bigotry leads to questions in the House about the nation's race relations. But fair enough — the papers are far more likely to report debauchery and devastation than they are visits to local hospitals.

Yet in any other business, the consumer always has a choice. The world changes and of course you have to adapt - we communicate differently to how we did 25 years ago - but there is a little bit of a risk, I think.

There is a good vibe and, of course, music is a big part of the city. No one should dream of taking his loyalty for granted.

why high school football is important

Manchester is a very nice city because there are a lot of creative people. But however impossible, how about we try to let the players have this moment?

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The True Essence of Esports