List and describe the phases of the systems development life cycle

These are categorized as technical, operational, economic, schedule and social feasibility. This can be done by interviewing users of the system and consulting with support personnel.

The primary objectives of any SDLC is to deliver quality system which meets or exceed customer expectations and within cost estimates, work effectively and efficiently within the current and planned infrastructure, and is an inexpensive to maintain.

importance of system development life cycle

Implementation Phase In this phase, physical design of the system takes place. While this can be a risky and complicated move, the cutover typically happens during off-peak hours, thus minimizing the risk.

Goals and standards are clearly defined.

System development life cycle phases

Testing at the end of development may slow down some development teams. Particular emphasis is given to proper preservation and archiving of data processed by the previous system. This is where the system that was developed, as well as the entire process, is evaluated. In the Software Development Life Cycle, the actual code is written here, and if the system contains hardware, then the implementation phase will contain configuration and fine-tuning for the hardware to meet certain requirements and functions. Software Development Life Cycle Models A software life cycle model is a descriptive representation of the software development cycle. This helps to understand the system and permit changes to be made in the existing system to satisfy new user needs. This is also where changes are made to initial software. At this stage the test is done on actual data. Systems design: At this step desired features and operations are described in detail, including screen layouts, business rules , process diagrams , pseudocode , and other documentation. Design: The proposed system is designed. How to take out the reports? Importance of the SDLC If a business determines a change is needed during any phase of the SDLC, the company might have to proceed through all the above life cycle phases again. Evaluation: Some companies do not view this as an official stage of the SDLC, while others consider it to be an extension of the maintenance stage, and may be referred to in some circles as post-implementation review.

Any issues in the production environment are resolved by the developers which come under maintenance. Input, output, databases, forms, codification schemes and processing specifications are drawn up in detail.

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7 Stages of System Development Life Cycle, What is it? IPHS Technologies