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The finished product is then stocked in the cold store 12 and is ready for market.

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In order to achieve this uniformity it is suggested that we define as follows the units for the various products. FA milk for the state Milk Scheme. At the management development programme they use to tell us that while choosing amongst the alternatives, one should consider only the costs that had to be incurred in future and not worry about the sunk cost. Dairying and crop production together for small farmers having irrigated land was more profitable than crop farming alone. Shrivastava to understand the nature of the problem. The remaning quantity of pasteurized milk is stored in insulated milk tanks 4 to be processed into the three main products, viz. We would like to know the direction in which we should expand. In case we fail to supply the requisite quantity we have to pay a penalty at the rate of 8 Rs. The Kamdhenu Dairy was located in Sanand, a small town on the railway line connecting loading cities in Western India. GHEE Butter when it comes out of butter chrun 10 is conveyed to th e gheee pa 13 and stocked in cold store 12 ready for the market.

Ghee 4. And the union was able to procure more and more milk each year.

kamdhenu dairy yojna 2018

The milk collected by the Kamdhenu Dairy was converted into the following main products: 1. Mathias and Mr. Baby Food : d.

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Our whole milk powder is purchased by the government of India for defence needs, our cheese has good demand and I can hope to sell cheese at a rate of thousand tons per year without any difficulty. Baby Food 6. Dairying with crossbred cattle and high yielding buffaloes has become a remunerative business.

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The respective Financing Institution shall be responsible for the tie up arrangement of insurance cover between the beneficiary and the Insurance Company. Mathias and Mr. Release of subsidy will depend on the receipt of the documents mentioned at clause 7 above, which should be submitted by the Financing Institution, and no relaxation will be considered. On the other hand if we contract too large a quantity we have to pay a penalty. In case of default Government shall recover the entire subsidy amount paid to the beneficiary as arrears under Land Revenue Code. The finished product is taken to the powder store 17 and is ready for the market. It shall be the sole responsibility of the beneficiary to insure the animals immediately on purchase. A non-refundable processing fee of Rs. Whole milk powder : f. GHEE Butter when it comes out of butter chrun 10 is conveyed to th e gheee pa 13 and stocked in cold store 12 ready for the market. Purnik and D. Standardized Butter 10, L Milk Training Certificate from FTC will be mandatory in case of farmers having no crossbred animals and no knowledge of dairy farming. The progress of the union after the new factory was built is illustrated in Exhibit 1.

Butter : e. In estimating the profitability of this product, I have not accounted for the expenditure that we incurred for development of this product and yet we are losing heavily on cheese, I am wondering why we should not drop this product.

kamdhenu dairy yojana rajasthan

Cheese Butter 10, K According to the contract we have to supply them with more or less a uniform quantity of FA milk throughout the year. Unfortunately our contract terms do not permit us to do so.

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The professors were considering what they should do next. Mathias says. You have not missed any relevant costs. In order to get the benefit of increased prices, the farmers decided to start a union of milk producers and a central processing unit at Sanand. Supplement of the Case Kamdhenu Dairy The discussion of the case Kamdhenu Dairy will be facilitated a great deal if there is some uniformity in the computations. The milk collected by the Kamdhenu Dairy was converted into the following main products: 1. A non-refundable processing fee of Rs. During this programme he discussed with a senior Professor of the Institute, the problem he faced in deciding the quantity of the FA milk that should commit to supply the state milk scheme. In case you were negotiating a contract with the state what quantity of FA milk would you commit to supply? Find out FA milk supply throughout year Related Papers.

The labour force and wage structure are not affected by change in product mix and hence labour costs are accounted as overhead costs.

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