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Does it dry up Hughes wrote his poetry to deliver important messages and provide support to the movements. The two New Yorkers were born almost seventy-five years apart, yet their work traces similar themes. The Dream posed a dilemma for the Negro writer. Hughes did not marry nor did he have any major relationships with women besides his mother. Harlem, then, comes to represent everything America has to offer as well as everything that it has long denied its black citizens. Music is an important component of Hughes's poems, as it is in the work of many Harlem Renaissance poets, playwrights and fiction writers.

The content of blues songs is also very similar to the content of many of Hughes's poems: both deal with loneliness, loss, despair, and hope, however difficult to sustain. Because it's like a ticking time-bomb?

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His life, so full of passion due to the events he experienced from his childhood to young adulthood, is reflected in all of his written works. And finally, the mother in "Mother to Son" is an example of a strong, confident woman who challenges her son to stay strong in the face of difficulties, just as she has done.

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Discussion on his prose attack In the visible radiation. The poem can be divided into three parts, the first and third of which conjure up the visionary and idealistic values, virtues, and emotions attached to the community, while the second part is dedicated to its concrete achievements, that is, prominent Harlem figures and institutions.

There was a time in this wonderful country when Liberty seemed to dwindle, and the hope for our country 's equality was slight. Due to the lack of acknowledgment of African Americans cultural, social and artistic capabilities, Langston Hughes stood as the hero image for blacks everywhere.

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Harlem, An Analysis of a Langston Hughes Poem Essay