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Do I need any special training or permission to supervise or mark the coursework? You need to make a judgement about how the proposed project will enable the student to meet the marking criteria.

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Computer Studies offers Paper 3 as an alternative to coursework from Click for comprehensive study guides igcse computer studies coursework ideas Hard times essay encouragement and strategies for performing your best on test day—all for free!

Systems and communications. Yes, she should enter for Option B. Cambridge igcse Computer Science Previously named Cambridge igcse Computer Studies the syllabus and specimen papers have been updated to reflect. The grade boundaries change slightly from year to year to allow for any small variations in the difficulties of the papers.

Now she wants to resit as a private candidate. Igcse computer studies coursework help Posted: Did we spoil it?

Computer science project for class 11

You — or another teacher in the Computer Studies Department — need to be trained to mark and internally moderate the coursework. This will be very rarely awarded. Cambridge igcse Computer Studies and the alternative to coursework question paper, Paper 3, syllabus Section. It is designed to aid him in the maintenance process, and keep him running the system properly. Even if he has been studying the course for two years, we will not accept his entry. What were the pass marks for each grade? Note that websites need to have some user interaction. In the first instance, you need to contact CIE International.

Yes, they are all reached. The syllabus outlines what may be assessed in the examination, but we would normally expect teachers to follow their own scheme of work based on the syllabus.

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Which project type is more acceptable for Computer Studies?

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