How to write a screensaver is best

More details on hot corners can be found belowalong with a code sample. But the current choice of screen saver appears in the control panel itself and changes to it do not actually take effect, or get written to the registry, until the user clicks OK or Apply on the Desktop control panel itself!

The Screensaver class uses the multimedia timer, so you can expect it to be quite precise. You'll have to implement it all, including the MonitorClass, yourself. BeginScene ; font. At some point, you'll want to be sure your screensaver works with the Windows system.

To have the best of both worlds, why not make some of our own? The resource description string and the icon You must define a description string, which is the string that appears in the system's list of screensavers in the Control Panel when your users go to select your screensaver.

But there's a bunch of quirks along the way.

how to program a screensaver

Password Delay - if the saver is closed within this many seconds after it started, then we might as well not bother checking for a password.

If the saver had been running just as a preview then the user can get back to their work. A calendar and an analog clock rounded off the features.

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How to Scr: Writing an OpenGL Screensaver for Windows