History of english literature

History of english literature

William Congreve is the greatest of Restoration comedy writers. His finest lyric is The Tiger.

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He had a warm sympathy for the victims of social injustice. Samuel Richardson is considered as the father of English novel. James Thompson is remembered for his long series of descriptive passages dealing with natural scenes in his poem The Seasons. Idylls of the King, Enoch Arden, Haroldetc. For instance, there is lit which tends to be non-traditional and against authority and signification. His ReligioMedici is a curious mixture of religious faith and scientific skepticism. Back to top And while I have made a selection from the many authors who deserve study, I have throughout presented them in a chronogical sequence. Yet this delicacy is only one side of Chaucer's abundant talent - as he soon proves in The Canterbury Tales. He produced over forty volumes of fiction during his period.

It was George Etheredge who introduced Comedy of Manners. Yeats, T.

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The English Renaissance was a cultural and artistic movement in England dating from the late 15th to the 17th century. Other notable writers of the early part of the century include George Bernard Shaw , H. And it is not very interesting to read from start to finish. Like most of northern Europe, England saw little of these developments until more than a century later. They were performed in the city of York , from the middle of the 14th century until The Mayor of Casterbridge also deals with the theme of Man versus Destiny. Of them all his critical essays are probably of the greatest value. Paradise Lost contained twelve books and published in In , Milton married a woman much younger than himself. It may also be suitable for university students and the general reader who is interested in the history of literature. It was a time of great social, religious, intellectual, and economic issues, heralded by the passage of the Reform Bill, which expanded voting rights. Beowulf is the conventional title, [18] and its composition is dated between the 8th [19] [20] and the early 11th century. Prometheus Unbound is a combination of the lyric and the drama. There also have been experiments with what is called concrete poetry q. Dickens has contributed some evergreen characters to English literature.

Other notable mediaeval works are the anonymous Pearl and Gawain and the Green Knight probably by the same author and William Langlands' Piers Plowman. Milton is remembered for his greatest epic poem Paradise Lost.

His prose works are large in bulk and wide in range. Like so many of his contemporaries, Yeats was acutely conscious of the spiritual barrenness of his age.

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Auden seems to be a major figure on the poetic landscape, but is almost too contemporary to see in perspective.

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A Brief Overview of British Literary Periods