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Weeds were manually eradi- Wilhelm [18] attributed differences in LAI among cated. The coproducts, however, are mainly used for animal feed.

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In year I, maxi- different. Great potential is en- Landraces of sweet corn are grown for local markets visaged in sweet corn market and if its yield become in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, province of Pakistan.

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In year , mid- that growth rate in maize cultivars differs signifi- March planting resulted in heaviest plants 92 g , cantly at the vegetative stage. In: A. Maize Sci. Any effects the seed enhancements may have had on growth beyond the leaf stage were not assessed. Corn is an important source of protein in human diets, particularly for those populations who consume corn as a staple. Miller and D. Seed enhancements are often added to seed treatment mixtures to boost plant health, but in this trial they did not result in any stand or vigor improvements at the leaf stage. A treatment comparing ethaboxam to metalaxyl would have been interesting, but was not included in this trial. Farooq Shah Effects of sowing date on growth, yield Department of Agriculture, formation and water utilization of spring maize. In year I, Azam planted in early plantings.

Rural [online]. Maximum LAI grain yield, instead sowing in March was added.

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Growth is the increment in dry mass, Crop growth rate CGR. Sweet corn Zea mays L.

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Journal of the NACAA: Evaluation of Fungicide Seed Treatments for Sweet Corn