Essay on depletion of environment

More exploration and use of renewable sources of energy Renewables such as solar and wind power can be explored more and utilized to reduce the dependency on fossil fuel, which is a major cause of environmental pollutionclimate change, global warming, and destruction of natural habitats.

effects of depletion of natural resources

Other devastating effects of deforestation include soil erosion, an increase in the greenhouse gases leading to global warming, loss of biodiversityincreased flooding, and drought. Of most importance is fresh water, Human life itself is impossible without it because it can be substituted by nothing else.

Essay on depletion of environment

Depletion of natural resources occurs when resources are consumed at a faster rate than that of replacement. We put them to use as per our own requirements. Essay on Depletion of Natural Resources Essay 5 — Words Introduction: In ancient times, people used energy only for daily activities, such as lighting, guarding, and cooking. A perfect example of this is water. What are the causes of depletion of natural resources? Natural calamities —Calamities like Tsunami, storms, earthquake deplete a whole lot of natural resources. They can be found all around us — the air, the sun, the soil and even underground minerals are all examples of natural resources that we need and use in one way or another. Widespread poverty, especially in African, Asian, and Latin America regions, depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution are the major problems challenging modern population. But as the development took place, in terms of industrial revolution and urbanization, animals were domesticated for household and farming activities and later as the industrial revolution took place, humans used a lot of power drawn from the natural resources. So we need to be cautious and promote sustainable use of natural resources. It is time to think beyond profit and convenience. Of most importance is fresh water, Human life itself is impossible without it because it can be substituted by nothing else. Studies by Global Phosphorus Research Institute, for example, shows that the earth could run out of phosphorus — an essential element for plant growth, in the next 50 to years. The production of uncountable pollutants by us not only makes the environment hazardous, but also the pollution of various natural resources like air, water, soil, and land, thereby leading to the depletion of natural resources available in the environment.

As humans began to farm larger areas of land, their energy demands changed. Depletion of natural resources is surely an environmental concern that we all should be serious about.

what non-renewable natural resources are most at risk of depletion?

It requires the collective action of not only nations, but also the world as a whole in becoming consciously aware of the impact we put on the environment. This has led to excess usage of natural resources than the speed at which they are replenished in nature.

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Water is the most necessary natural resource of them all.

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