Essay about merdeka celebration

The programme also includes many drill displays and instrumental performances of the Malaysian ethnic percussion band and the civil and military marching squads. I hear Merdeka when people who go to temples or churches stand alongside people who go to mosques during the Johor floods.

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But I do know this, that I will not allow those ugly incidents in the past and those that are likely to happen in the future, to make me retract my hand, because I will continue to extend my hand, in respect, in kindness and in love, to my fellow Malaysians. The mobile column also includes veterans from the uniformed and civil services, as well as vintage vehicles. Various government agencies and private sectors join together to participate in the parade. We should appreciate even the smallest thing that God gave us. After this, the GOH Company executes shoulder arms and turn right and then perform a march past. The state has become a totalitarian entity using the ideological state apparatuses to silence the voices of progressive change. This year would be the 55th year that Malaysia celebrates her independence from British rule. Similarly, other parades are also held in different states. Beautiful 'flowers' burst in the night sky, sending out luminous red, pink, blue, orange, purple and yellow sprays of sparks. The spectators were obviously enthralled, judging from their clapping and cheering. There are a lot of reasons why we should. Business Idioms Composition helps the student to express his views on what is happening in the world around him, besides expressing personal thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Vehicles are not to be missed out, and during the month leading to the celebrations, it will not be unusual to see vehicles decked out as colourful as buildings in the colours of the Jalur Gemilang. We are living with peace and harmony without worrying about any serious problems.

national day essay english pt3

Malaysians celebrate the historic event as a national holiday with parades, fireworks, excitement, and flag-waving cheer. We had arrived quite early.

Essay about merdeka celebration

Malaysia Day marks the day where Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya had joined together to form the federation of Malaysia, although Singapore has since become its own country. Soon, we will realize that Malaysia is not a bad country after all. Business Idioms Composition helps the student to express his views on what is happening in the world around him, besides expressing personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. So, what is Merdeka then? But, I had to pause to think again about Merdeka, where after extending a hand of kindness, I was asked incredulously whether I was of their race or another. Hand phones,… There are varieties of food in Malaysia. It will also help continue the process of producing a vibrant young generation. We have Frankenstein-ised our Merdeka.

After this, seven shouts of Merdeka! This is special mainly because only two cadets were selected out of the whole school. Hand phones,… There are varieties of food in Malaysia. And not to forget the technologies that we are using which are the same or even better than other countries around the world.

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There was a lot of preparation that went into making this Merdeka fly pass a success. We enjoy singing the National Songs, decorating our classroom, watching the countdown concert, counting down the time to midnight and watching the parade on National Day. We have deeply racialised human beings running neutral machines. Flag Raising and the Rukunegara recitation[ edit ] At the parade venue, a colour guard by servicemen from the Royal Malaysian Navy escorting the Flag of Malaysia approach the Flagpole together with selected Malaysians, reenacting the flag raising which had been done in Stadium Merdeka in For 51 years we have been celebrating our independence, and Im proud to be a Malaysian. I have learnt a lot from participating in this fly pass. One of the top contingents marching past is the contingent representing Malaysian animation formed by the Animation Society and animation production firm Les' Copaque Production , in recent years this part of the march past has also seen public participation as well. It was built in the Moorish style, reflecting the Islamic culture yet with a touch of British architecture that suitably reflects the history of Malaysia.

Cities and towns around Malaysia are decorated with fairy lights and make a very pretty picture. The Indians like spicy food such as tandoori chicken and the vegetable dalca, which blends well with briyani rice and lentil soup.

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At the stroke of midnight, the Union Jack was lowered and raised with the Flag of Malaya.

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Malaysia National Independence Day Essay in English