Develop appropriate measures to monitor and evaluate progress and outcomes

objectives of monitoring and evaluation

Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Feedback Forms Feedback forms can be distributed and completed at a time where users may have just used a product or been indirect contact with you or your team. Accountability If a project has received funding from a stakeholder they will expect reports on the effective utilization of these resources.

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This could be input in terms of money, time, staff, equipment and so on, and should assess both quantity and quality. Monitoring Tools and Techniques Tracking Quantitative Metrics Much of project monitoring is focused on hard facts such as the money being spent, man hours being used up etc.

Here, the number of man hours per task needs to be calculated and resources need to be assigned. Research has shown that unmet emotional needs can lead to below expected performance, thereby affecting project execution.

Quality of data to ensure relevance needs to be the focus of any data collection efforts.

what is monitoring and evaluation pdf
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How to plan the monitoring and evaluation of your mentoring or befriending project