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Understanding what types of plans you qualify for aides in the decision-making process and prevent surprises. Claims are paid within 5 working days of receipt. Even in countries like Great Britain, where they have a strong social health service, more than 8 million people are covered by private dental insurance. Of course, if you were eligible for a company-based plan, you probably wouldn't be shopping around on your own. The company pays a set amount for each procedure — based on the plan you choose — no matter where you live. Note that the benefit of immediate coverage often comes with conditions. With their plans, there's no waiting period for preventative services, at least. Rates vary by state and coverage is regulated by the state in which you reside. Content Accordion Body 2 Wisdom is sold to the public by Independant Intermediaries who have been contracted to the insurer Guardrisk Ltd to sell the product. The delay could be six months to a year or even longer. It's advantageous to visit one; some plans cover non-participating practitioners' services, albeit to different degrees and at different rates. A true emergency is not a time to shop for anything, including dental insurance. However, Cigna waives the waiting periods if you present acceptable proof of previous dental insurance. The claim can be posted or emailed If in doubt, call and we will gladly assist you. Humana Humana dental plans vary by state.

Main alternative types of dental insurance coverage are group, PPO, and discount dental plans. It's advantageous to visit one; some plans cover non-participating practitioners' services, albeit to different degrees and at different rates.

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Major restorative services have a wait time of one year. What is Wisdom Dental Insurance? Furthermore, insurance does not prescribe which doctor or dentist to visit, or what treatment you should have. You pay an annual fee to have access to these dentists and their reduced rates. Spirit Dental One unique company, Spirit Dental , provides full coverage for all classes of service immediately with no waiting period. Basic restorative procedures require a six-month wait. Humana Humana dental plans vary by state.

What is Wisdom Dental Insurance? Unlike regular health insurancein which coverage usually starts immediately or soon after issue, dental plans often come with a delay between enrollment and the actual onset of coverage for some or all services.

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Content Accordion Body1 Dental insurance is not medical aid. Like Spirit, Denali offers a range of coverage based on the premium you pay as well as increasing coverage based on the number of years you have an active policy in force. Specific Dental Insurers The following highly rated dental insurers have plans with no waiting periods for one or more classes of service.

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Discount Dental Plan Discount dental plans are not technically insurance.

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6 Dental Insurance Plans With No Waiting Periods