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This pun emphasizes how isolated Puerto Rico is from the rest of the Caribbean islands. Line The road is compared to twisted wires. The poet uses descriptions of the city to contrast wealth and poverty. West Indies, U.

In the 70s he had several onemanshows of paintings in Jamaica and the UK, and he continues to make visual images. The cultures are not melding, but jarring against each other. The fear of foreigners who sneak into the island and tarnish the image of the land is well noted by the poet.

The persona compares San Juan to a TV that has fallen and is now broken.

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All across the Caribbean we'd collected terminals - airports are like calling cards, cultural fingerprints; the hand written signs at Port- au-Prince, Piarco's sleazy tourist art, the lethargic contempt of the baggage boys at 'Vere Bird' in St. The persona believes that the Americans are being blatantly discriminatory, and are attempting to camouflage it through the use of regulations.

He likens San-Juan to a broken TV, it looks good on the outside, but broken on the inside. He sees some of the islands as more prominent than others.

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A concern of the poet is the attitude of the US to black immigration. In the first stanza, simile is used to compare the island to a casino game.

TONE The tone of the poem is slightly bitter, which is fueled by the sarcastic atmosphere.

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CXC English B: Poetry Notes: West Indies USA by Stewart Brown