Criminology and psychology personal statements

They really intrigued me as to why so many people rioted. I was fascinated to what extent the newspapers and Psychologists would try to analyse and explain the reasons for such clearly aggressive criminal actions.

During one of my psychology projects at A level into the nature nurture debate I came across an article in the psychological review which I found particular interesting by John Griffin. By doing this independent research project, I will be more prepared for university study, because I will have had the practice and experience to independently research, manage my time effectively and develop my writing skills, which will benefit me when completing assignments.

Furthermore thanks to my upbringing, I speak four languages which I believe is advantageous as I can communicate and associate with those of many different races.

The course also highlighted the need to understand the social and psychological causes of crimes and has inspired me to undertake a great deal of additional reading outside of my studies.

In the summer holidays, I completed two online courses on a website called Alison on memory and cognition and biology and behaviour in psychology. In my spare time, I enjoy keeping fit and staying active by going to the gym.

Things to include in a criminology personal statement

The findings support the situational explanation of behaviour rather than the dispositional one which lead me to have particular interest in the nature nurture argument. I also play for my school and town teams, competing in several different leagues and competitions each year, developing my self-confidence and ability to cope both physically and mentally with stressful situations. Equivalently, to grasp the key debates around race, gender and youth justice. What is your purpose of applying to this specific program? Despite some health difficulties, I have proven myself to be a dedicated and ambitious student who is prepared to work hard to achieve my academic goals. The diverse nature of the course has led me to comprehend complexities in society, such as crime. My French studies have also aided me in developing my sensitivity to language and my ability to communicate effectively, attributes which should benefit me greatly in my chosen course.

Align your structure in line with successful candidates. My time spent with the solicitors and barristers also gave me a healthy insight into the working world, particularly the criminal justice service. Submitted by: Anonymous.

As a dedicated and capable student, with a passion for the potential of the criminal justice system to contribute to a fairer, safer society, I have the skills, and equally importantly, the drive to perform to a high standard throughout my undergraduate study and into a successful career in a related field.

criminal justice masters personal statement

Having worked diligently to gain a strong grounding in the field of Criminology, both through my studies and in my spare time, I believe that I am now ready to make the transition into to higher education and undergraduate study. Remember, psychology is a science, with a focus on research methods — designing studies and analysing data.

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Psychology and Criminology Personal Statement