Company and market analysis of nokia

In May Nokia made the strategic decision to divest its non-core operations and focus on telecommunications. The deal possesses great opportunity if both utilize resources in a proper way.

Nokia current situation

Nokia will continue to take determined actions in all areas of the business to align its operations with the changing market conditions. The three main factors affecting the amount charged for a product or service, are; the cost of production, customer demand and competition. Nokia company has mobility all over the world to transfer their products through out world. Threats The final part of SWOT analysis for Nokia is the threats: Strong competition from other smartphone companies will make it hard for Nokia to maintain and expand their market share. Analyzing the effectiveness of strategies, strength and weaknesses can be defined as internal to an organization. Nokia adds more values by superior quality or differentiated features to the market. In , the goal was to sell , units.

Nokia company has mobility all over the world to transfer their products through out world. Take share of the internet service market by delivering winning solutions.

Expanding The Business-- For more than a decade, they have actively expanded their business globally. Evolution of the market of mobile phones A mobile phone is a wireless device that allows people to make calls. This could force it to move production to higher-cost locations such as the United States.

history of nokia in india

Nokia's problems are that: 1. Nokia started to panic and just wanted to keep up with its new competitors. Rajwinder Kaur from the bottom of my heart, without her help it would have been a dream only to carry out the project work.

Having invested considerable resources in establishing the Nokia name as the leading brand in mobile communications, they intend to sustain and enhance the brand through aggressive advertising, sponsorship and other marketing activities in all of their principal markets.

Nokia brand value

As already mentioned above, Nokia was and is a very competitive and strong company, that not only deals with telecommunication but has a great variety of other products and a very long history. Despite the depth of the recession, Nokia came to its feet quickly as the company started streamlining its businesses. Decline This is the stage that Mobile phones have entered Nokia had recorded their first drop in sales earlier this year , and all the remaining companies are trying to re-launch their products by either developing their products or entering new markets. Also bring in new features and applications on to Windows OS. The strategy was to expand rapidly on all fronts. As Nokia missed the constant innovation track, Samsung and Apple followed with core brands they would innovate from period to period Galaxy, iPhone , Nokia lost the loyalty of customers and were basically punished for abandoning their core competence. In view of the different culture and different external factors between different countries, Nokia has to adjust its strategic plan in order to develop international market. This is why today we define mobile phones, or smartphones, as a wireless handheld device that combines a cell phone with a handheld computer, typically offering Internet access, data storage, email capability, music and movie player, camera and camcorder, GPS navigation, voice dictation for messaging and voice search for asking questions about anything. Gradually the ownership of the Rubber Works and the Cable Works companies consolidated.
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SWOT Analysis of Nokia