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Economic growth in China is creating a vibrant, dynamic middle class across the nation. The paperwork is greatly facilitated and the solutions are adapted and tailored to different needs. Trends, challenges and opportunities St. Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct. In , it was the fourth largest wine importer in the world after the U. Thus, it can be concluded that roughly one out of two wine consumers in China purchase their wine online. The best decision would then be to: Brand your wine—invest in marketing. Pierre believes there is good opportunity for U. Thus, keep an eye on how Australian and Chilean brands are marketing their wines in China. When it comes to packaging, Chinese consumers prefer classy expensive looking designs.

Init was the fourth largest wine importer in the world after the U. At the end ofASC had more than 1, employees and offices in 20 Chinese cities.

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One liter of wine roughly equals 10 glasses of 0. The key has been the rise of video-centric social networks such as TikTok, as well as the ability to live video stream on platforms like WeChat and Weibo.

Pierre and his father came to Beringer in the early s with a proposal to sell Beringer wines in China.

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However, market growth declined for the first time in The digital media in China moves at such a rate, that it is baffling even to many in the region, let alone winemakers trying to keep up with WeChat and Weibo from their rolling vineyards thousands of miles away. First, target the upper-middle class Chinese consumers between years-old.

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This trend with great potential has attracted different wine-producing countries to the growing Chinese market, including countries such as France, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Italy and Spain.

Australian and Chilean wines on the rise Australia is just the most prominent of the New World wine regions that are gaining market share in China.

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