Cheating among college students

Google Scholar Jacobson, L. Professors use technologiesincluding text-matching software, webcams and cheat-proof tests to try and catch cheaters.

effects of cheating in school

Some measures might require additional financial resources, such as the use of text-matching software, which might be too costly for some universities, that might only utilise it at the final thesis level when it may be too late to deter students from cheating.

Software for the Meta-analytic Review of Research Literatures. While most students will call plagiarism cheating, many of them will define plagiarism in a way that allows them to indirectly copy the work of others.

It's hard to say what makes cheating common and acceptable. Helping students avoid plagiarism.

Cheating among college students

Google Scholar Cohen, J. Google Scholar Spielberger, C. Journal of Educational Psychology68 6 : Google Scholar McKeachie, W. School and Society89 December : Predicting dishonest actions using the theory of planned behavior.

Since academic advisors often serve as an initial and major point of contact for first year students, there is need for advisors to find ways to convey that the definition of cheating is different in college than high school and the penalties much more severe.

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What can universities do to stop students cheating?