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The trend has seen a big number of men die while in the line of duty. When it came to work, 42pc of men said they felt pressure to be the main breadwinner in the family, compared to just 13pc of females. Though men go through these challenges they must always persevere and overcome these challenges. Therefore we can see that many challenges face men in society, even though I only listed a short amount. How can we upgrade the role of the father to mean more than providing? You're Expected To Compete With Other Women One of the most harmful narratives out there is the idea that only one woman can succeed at something. This has seen a lot of them become twice as adventurous and carefree as their female colleagues. But rather than empower or reinvigorate the male gender, this lad culture is retarding it. TrueLad is one example, so is Man v. Change of roles In the traditional African setting, men are regarded as the breadwinners of the family. It's as if men are throwing out their cars and going back to the bicycle. How can this be developed in men?

Men worry about feminism, as if a culture of women's rights is about to stamp out male identity. The traditional father was a provider, and family courts still treat fathers in that way. This may be quite intimidating especially to a man who suffers from esteem issues.

However, the stigma surrounding periods is so strong that women are expected to suck it up and go about their business, even if their cramps are so severe they're running to the bathroom to throw up every 10 minutes.

You Can't Travel Alone Between street harassment and the very real threat of violence hanging over our heads every day, women have more to worry about even when they simply go out in public alone, let alone when they travel.

As men we desperately need to find a language to describe our own experience.

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Brave and vital forces for social change are finally starting to occur. These challenges range from relationship problems, problems with the view of fatherhood and can also include others such as violence and diseases. Unemployment Unemployment is a global problem that affects almost everyone without discrimination but women are more likely to find a soft landing after retrenchment than men who are left alone. Take a look at TrueLad. How can this be developed in men? This may lead the individual to indulge in drugs, commit suicide or even kill their partners or other family members. The report, published to coincide with International Men's Day November 19 , seeks to address the reasons why male suicide rates in Britain are at a year high around 4, last year. If you find yourself unemployed, look for alternative ways of earning a living such as starting a business or doing casual work. Popular culture tells me that, as a man, I can either be a farting, tattooed sex pest or a defeated, helpless kidult, who needs his wife to cook and clean for him lest he burn down the house. Our brains are ostensibly only interested in three things: sport, drinking and fucking.

And if ultra-male culture is a response to feminism then, unsurprisingly, it's missed what feminism is about: an end to inequality; the formation of new ideologies that don't favour or threaten one gender over another.

Most of the times, men suffering from infertility pull out from friends hence leading a lonely life. In my opinion, such a stance can only lead to bitterness and resentment in a man, since you are basically putting a low value on yourself and handing over all power to the woman.

social issues facing males

The role of the father in the household is another challenge men face. Men have a stricter dresscode than women, and men are also expected to adhere to a more narrow range of behaviors than women for example: being more stiff, not touching other men, etc.

Thanks, male gaze!

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Many men still feel that they have to prove themselves to women, and that they should somehow feel lucky if a woman wants them. The father can be an important male role model, as well as give the children a sense of direction in life. It's as if men are throwing out their cars and going back to the bicycle. The real problem males face today is not, of course, a rise of women — it's a shrinking of men. This kind of media is — ostensibly - designed to reclaim a lost kind of maleness. As men, we are generally only valued when we perform. Men have a stricter dress code than women, and men are also expected to adhere to a more narrow range of behaviors than women for example: being stiffer, not touching other men, etc. Reclaiming men's social position by reintroducing pre-war male attitudes is a mission that fails as soon as it starts. Appreciate your wife and cheer her on, as her success is also your success. You can see this in the workforce — when more women enter an occupation, it frequently loses respect — as well as female-dominated fandoms , which are largely looked down on in other corners of the Internet.
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Challenges Facing Men in Today’s Society