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Violent content in films started to be held to a stricter standard, which resulted in Saving Private Ryan being re-rated "M18" for its prolonged and intense sequences of graphic war violence under the new classification guidelines.

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As the position paper puts it: "Artists and arts practitioners Might they opt for a stricter classification to avoid falling foul of the authorities? These titles are not required to carry any rating labels. Titles that still exceeded the guidelines for an "M18" rating were re-rated under "R21", another rating introduced in which was the maximum age limit for films.

Singapore censorship law

The MDA justified: "Due to the realistic portrayal of racial tensions and use of strong language within the army camp, the issues discussed could be The Censorship Review Committee described censorship as "a necessary tool, but a blunt one", and affirmed the need for consumers to be responsible in deciding what they choose to view. This way, teenagers about to do full-time national service could have mulled over portrayals of racial tensions on stage and reflected on how the issue might emerge in real life. Despite its good intentions, the scheme falls back into the same template of censorship, of allowing the authorities to be the arbiter of what is in the "public interest", rather than trusting the artist to be responsible, and trusting the audience to be able to judge a work critically. Some months later, this committee lifted the ban on Singapore Rebel. Movies that are classified as R21 are currently excluded from home video releases and suburban theatres. But the role of the artist is to forge new paths and tackle new ideas. They also released the official set of film classification guidelines to the public online in , which included a thorough explanation of what sort of content and themes is allowed under each film rating. Certainly performances must be within the ambit of the law, and those who break the laws of sedition or are guilty of inciting hatred between various groups of people must be held accountable. Meant for 21 and above.

Great art is seldom easy or kind. In the end, we should not expect all art to be comforting or pleasant.

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The Guardian newspaper's theatre critic, Lyn Gardner, wrote in a recent column: "I love being charmed and delighted in the theatre, but I don't want to be killed with kindness by artists, I want to be provoked by them and made to look at the world differently PG13 parental guidance 13 — Suitable for persons aged 13 and above but parental guidance is advised for children below But this in effect means that artists have to second-guess officialdom.

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