Canadian strategy of economic development essay

Because direct measures of skill have been hard to develop, analysts have relied on indirect measures of human capital, based on the assumption that individuals with more education will also have more knowledge and skill than those with less education.

Canadian strategy of economic development essay

The results were similar when education was measured by level of educational attainment or by years of schooling. Advocates of this viewpoint rebutted suggestions that housing should be postponed until the late stages of development.

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Google Scholar Domar, E. All of these have been identified as powerful indicators of poor health cf.

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This group argued for a limited amount of investment in certain types of residential construction but on the condition that it would contribute to industrial development. Although some proponents of housing development stressed the link between housing and health, these critics stated that no or at best little correlation existed between poor housing and social ills Freeman, In Canada, however, the relatively high inflation of the s and s had distracted Canadian firms: rather than focusing on product design and innovation, cost control, and productivity improvement, many of them had been looking for ways to take advantage of inflation.

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Canada's Economic Future: What Have We Learned from the s?