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It is immensely powerful for Executives to be able to look at aspects of their EI rather than attend training sessions on people management processes. You may have been promoted because you have been good at a certain job, perhaps a technical expert and now you are being asked to lead a team and to be more strategic.

Who else should be looking at this? While it sometimes feels like she's auditioning for a part on the Oprah show, we should appreciate heavy work she has done in applying chaos and complexity topics in the physical sciences to the social sciences, in her case organizational leadership. Inside the box, when no one is watching, the cat exists only as a probability… but it is impossible to say that the cat is living or dead until we observe it.

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Change is prompted only when an organism decides that changing is the only way to maintain itself. A must-read for aspiring leaders in business life, politics or elsewhere.

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Example: A private school sees dwindling enrollment numbers because it is not being perceived as doing a good job educating youth. This is no surprise, given that for most of its written history, leadership has been defined in terms of its control functions.

The best answer seems to be that the world is only a potential and not present without me or you to observe it. This process seems to be the way nature creates the well-ordered universe and diverse beauty that delights us:: Information is generated freely by the system and fed back on itself so that it continues to grow and change.

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Top 10 Best Leadership Books of All Time