Barriers in cross cublture communications in multinational

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Journal of International Business Studies,39 6- Linghui, T. The opposite is also true. Social linguistic awareness combines cultural awareness with the language.

Explain various barriers to cross cultural communication

The context in which these words are used may vitiate or steer clear issues. This difference can be discerned in organizational settings in these cultures. Issues such as preserving environment, providing for future needs, anticipating future contingencies, inculcating the value of savings are some of the strands echoed in a culture steeped in a long term perspective. It forms the way people think and behave. This aspect devotes considerable emphasis on behavioral aspects of interactions. Every action is influenced by culture like ambitions, careers, interests, values, etc. Curiosity is inherent with ambiguity but this ambivalence can be used as a stimulating urge in order to understand peculiar aspects of other cultures. Business organizations may contemplate many actions to remove the restrains impeding cross cultural communication. For instance, mostly, people who believe in god can cope with their lows of life easily than atheists but atheists are more hardworking at all times which relates to their behavior and communication. Oriental cultures most often seem to be interspersed with unexpressed communication but with underlying messages in body language.

There is always greater preference to in-group. For example, separation of East and West Germany for 40 years caused the language to differ a lot.

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Openness has to do with being receptive towards accepting people from various cultures. The context in which these words are used may vitiate or steer clear issues.

Very often these workers, to be based in a different culture, will have to come to terms with it in the discharge of their assignments. People find it difficult to talk to people who follow different religions.

cross cultural issues in multinational companies
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Cultural Barriers to Communication