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Teaching art integration in the schools

Many fear that certain arts programs may be removed from some schools due to these concerns. Share it as often as you can and as positively as you can. Other teachers extend and build upon this learning through creativity by incorporating them into their lessons. Sound familiar? A consequence of predominately emphasizing these three areas of academic study is a lack of attention to other major areas of academics, mainly the arts. Personal investment nourishes self-directed learning and encourages the learning experience itself rather than learning as a means of test score performance. Are you collecting, analyzing and making adjustments to your integrated instruction based on peer reviews, reflection and formal data?

Assessing Both Areas In an arts integration lesson, the ending assessment reflects the growth in both the content area and the arts area that was taught.

Technology also presents more channels of expression, whether through digital art or artificial intelligence, which, if supported by arts-technology integration, can cultivate the experimentation and inquiry that arts education champions.

How does it help students?

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The first points to economic grounds that art teaches "21st-century skills" like collaboration and innovation, which are necessary only as a means to breed productivity for the growth of the market. Arts integration creates equity. Yet those who infuse the arts throughout the school see a profound impact on students and culture.

Their students engage in deep learning through arts integrated activities, leading to a greater interest in school.

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Funding and advocacy for the arts still remains the largest issue that is currently facing teaching this important area to students. Getting Started With Arts-Infused Instruction Intrigued by the benefits of arts integration, but not sure where or how to begin?

The approach that all teachers can find ways to integrate various arts forms in their lessons is based on the school of thought that creativity lies within all of us, and not exclusively for artists or those particularly talented at painting, acting or dance.

They nourish critical thinking and innovation.

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Is arts integration in schools all it's cracked up to be?