An introduction to the history of hewlett packard

An introduction to the history of hewlett packard

They also created an informal workplace, encouraging the use of first names among employees, even for themselves. A key factor in Compaq's growth was a strong cooperative relationship with its dealers. Although he was chosen by Hewlett and Packard, Young was virtually unknown to the company's customers and 37, employees. Its market share soared, with the company leaping to third place in mid, edging out Dell Computer and trailing only Compaq Computer Corporation and IBM. In , HP embarked on their first joint venture while simultaneously entering the Asian market. Also in , Compaq revamped its logistics system in order to begin building its PCs to order from a huge stockpile of parts. An added advantage of EISA was its ability to attract customers accustomed to using more powerful minicomputers and mainframe computers. Among the reasons for the decline were the Asian economic crisis; HP's slow response to opportunities presented by the explosion of the Internet; and falling prices for personal computers and computer peripherals. SAP accepted that its subsidiary, which has now closed, illegally accessed Oracle intellectual property.

Inthey invented a high-speed frequency calculator. InHP made a transition into the development of microwaves. On the employee front, HP became one of the first companies to encourage telecommuting around the world With a build-to-order system, Compaq would realize significant inventory and manufacturing cost savings.

They did not need to seek approval to develop plans and make their decisions. Fifteen months later IBM shipped its portable PC, which was two pounds heavier and offered fewer features than Compaq's portable model.

He returned to the company in Lane as executive chairman.

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Compaq itself had bought Tandem Computers in which had been started by ex-HP employeesand Digital Equipment Corporation in In addition, it embarked on a long campaign of expanding its product line by acquiring companies, beginning the year after it went public with the purchase of F.

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The History of Hewlett Packard Computers