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The home at left is where Mary Cowin was killed after being impaled by a piece of debris. Problem with motivation 14 4. Mayfield, M. Andrew whipped up powerful seas which extensively damaged many offshore structures, including the artificial reef system of southeast Florida.

Recent work by Dunion et al.

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A known target to be floored by the Gulf Coast. Subsequently, the upper-level low weakened and split into a trough , which decreased the wind shear over the storm. Nearly all of the videos taken south of nd Street end abruptly at 4am. Winds from Atlantic basin tropical cyclones are recorded in HURDAT in six-hourly intervals as the maximum sustained [1 min] surface [10 m] windspeed somewhere in the circulation of the tropical cyclone. Goldman, came on the intercom and announced in a nervous tone that Hurricane Katrina was going to hit New Orleans soon. The depression was initially embedded in an environment of easterly vertical wind shear. According to NOAA, the Florida Keys were heavily impacted and Irma brought record storm surge to parts of the Southeast coast, including Jacksonville, Florida, with significant coastal flooding extending into the Carolinas. Jarrell, and M.

During that period, radar, aircraft and satellite data showed a decreasing eye diameter and strengthening "eyewall" convection. However, the rate of Andrew's westward acceleration over the southwestern Atlantic was greater than initially forecast.

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Peak 10 s flight level winds supporting Category 5 at the surface at least kt were found in three consecutive minute observations, and Z using the Franklin et al.

Forecasting, 14, Several other anemometers measuring the highest wind speeds on land were destroyed or failed. Fairbanks, an amateur weather observer located in Perrine, noted a peak gust of kt from his home-based anemometer, which adjusts to a maximum 1 min open terrain surface wind of about kt after accounting for an overestimation bias of his instrument and a typical gust factor [Rappaport ; Mayfield et al.

Houston, L. Their work has provided the key advance in our knowledge of hurricane that has allowing this re-analysis to take place. Willoughby, H. Staffing problems 13 3.

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Meteorological history of Hurricane Andrew