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First, as one who impersonates another, he reminds Fo's audiences that a common practice of the time was to send out police spies to infiltrate political groups.

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It is very easy to see through the Maniac's and the police officers' farce, but such lighter aspects of the play help balance the serious and tragic tones. Research La Comune within the context of contemporary events in Italian social and political life. A fast-talking major character, the Maniac, infiltrates a police headquarters. Fo's sketches included satires on real-estate speculation and on the dehumanizing working conditions in factories, but the government found his subject matter unacceptable. Self-reflexive strategies are very important to most practitioners of political theater, on principle. However, there is a thin line between insanity and wisdom. His plays are usually farcical with a satirical bite, and they tend to employ popular elements, such as slapstick. Bertozzo enters the room. Morte accidentale di un anarchico is structurally a more "traditional" play than is Mistero buffo, in that there are many characters, requiring a number of actors. In an effort to discredit such groups in the eyes of the general public, members of the Italian police force—some say with the support of the government—began sanctioning the activities of agents posing as far leftists and committing terrorist acts in their name. It was important for these forces to create the impression that it was anarchists, communists, trade unionists and so on who were behind the bombs. Last, in the way that he consistently contradicts himself, he reminds audiences of the discrepant testimony of the police at the inquest and hearings that followed the real-life anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli's death. They forestall any revelation on the part of Bertozzo, as they believe that he is going to reveal the Maniac to be a judge, which would be disastrous, given that they have told the journalist that he is a forensics expert. In the course of his impersonation, the Maniac tricks the policemen and officials into revealing that they are part of a cover-up concerning the details of the suspect's death.

Tricksters are quite often lesser societal figures tricked by those more elevated. Both plays, in my opinion, are extremely successful in terms of receiving the desired audience reaction and establishing the fundamental motives of their plays in the mind of audience.

By the time a Giornalista Reporter enters and begins asking questions, the police have already been made aware that the Maniac is not the forensics expert he claims to be. Binni asserts that it is this unofficial repertory of the giullari that Fo attempts to recover Today: While most Italians identify themselves as Roman Catholics and thousands of mourners poured into the streets following the death of Pope John Paul II —less than half the population attends church regularly.

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Similarly, the Maniac's wooden hand comes off two times when shaken by one of the policemen. The effect of such acting is jarring, uncomfortable, which is to say, again, that no audience member is likely to sit back in his or her chair and be absorbed into the world of the play.

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The clever trickster figure in Fo's play effectively exposes the lies and collusions of the corrupt police officers, conveying a sense that the truth can indeed be known and justice can indeed be served. Research one of the American terrorist groups of the s or s, such as the Weather Underground or the Symbionese Liberation Army. Later it was discovered one of them was an agent for the Italian police. Worldview, The year was, of course, a turbulent one, politically and culturally. As I said above the madman appears to be the sanest of characters in the play. Moments such as these disturb the audience's identification with the actors and story, encouraging viewers to evaluate what is transpiring. For example, the Constable and the Matto try to concoct a story to explain how the police attempted to keep the anarchist from jumping: they held his foot, and the fact that they have the shoe that came off when he jumped bears witness to their efforts to save him. The Osservatore Vatican, the Vatican newspaper, called Mistero buffo the most blasphemous show in history and accused Fo of ideological violence targeting the religious values of Italians but aiming really at the disintegration of the Italian state quoted in Avvenire. On October 15, fifty thousand workers demonstrated in Milan, and on November 28, one hundred thousand engineers demonstrated in Rome. This means that a playwright includes moments when the play refers to itself as a play. For example, the Maniac recites laws in his speeches, imparting legal savvy to the audience. The play was originally written and performed in Italian in and first English translation was done in The spectators remained riveted to their seats, mesmerized, as Fo took a chance that nature or God would cooperate with him to create the desired effect. Their sin is to have made themselves noticed.

He is a reflection, in other words, of the distortion of facts for which the policemen involved in the actual case became known. The play's self-reflexivity in this regard can be clearly felt in the following words from the Maniac's first major speech in the play: "I have a thing about dreaming up characters and then acting them out.

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Under the guise of religious instruction, the master teaches the peasant that his lot on earth is to be vulgar and repellent, though he has a soul, through which he can transcend his misery.

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