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Schwartz's book The Curse of Cain: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism, which addresses current anxieties that belief in one God entails exclusion and favoritism that lead inevitably to violence.

With regard to Genesis 12 and 24 which speak of Israel's ancestral roots in northern Syria, Arnold refers to the Binu Yamina of the Mari texts whose tribal lifestyle provides a parallel to that of the ancestors in Genesis 12— Many of the characters are under developed because once a person such as Noah, Joseph, and Abraham was deemed righteous, there was no chance they would ever fall out of favor of the fair, just, perfect god.

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He provides a rich Jewish perspective on the book of Genesis. Sacks certainly encourages me to think differently! Gen His brow is furrowed in a permanent scowl, unchanged throughout the book.

genesis is the book of beginnings. course hero

The idea is supremely speculative but interesting to consider! Three contexts, then, concern Moberly: text, reception, and contemporary context; the latter two usually serve as the point of departure

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Book Review: Genesis: The Book of Beginnings