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Encourage Fact-Checking One of the first things I addressed was fake news. He is an edtech activist, but also a firm believer in the effectiveness of good, old fashioned, hands-on teaching. Standards will have to be the same for all qualifications at the same stage of advancement; more resources will have to be made available; and the attention of employers will have to be captured and then harnessed to a system which they understand and accept as the best way to ensure the transition from school to work. Yet the insecurity surrounding the discipline remains, and controversy is endemic. A college degree itself is not enough to launch a successful career. Social media's viral nature can circulate the awareness of issues, but it does the same with incorrect information. If standards and testing formed one arm of yesterday's education-reform consensus, a push for new alternatives to traditional schools formed the other. The latter reveals a failure to understand that this law is just part of a far broader approach to federal education policy — merely the most recent reauthorization of President Lyndon Johnson's Elementary and Secondary Education Act — and therefore remains the principal vehicle for channeling federal aid into K education. Sustained debate cannot be left to underfunded volunteers — a Task Force with proper resources is needed, with the nuts and bolts firmly screwed into place. It will demand long, concerted effort by experts, civic and business leaders, educators, parents, and policymakers. Another method might be to give the new General Teaching Council additional powers to take such problems under its wing, and in this way avoid a proliferation of bureaucracies. Why does this matter? First, there is Sir Claus Moser's alarm about Britain's national prospects, and his fear that our level of education for the average child and in particular our ignorance of science and technology in a rapidly changing competitive world will have "serious consequences for Britain's future, socially, economically, technologically and culturally". It's a hugely valuable part of their education. Reliance on shibboleths like the "discipline of the market place" and the "engine of competition" have little relevance to the educational needs of the future, and even less to the principle of equality and opportunity for all our children.

But if we create classrooms that foster empathy, seek truth, and encourage respect, students can become effective communicators. At the end of any discussion, I always emphasize to students that we are a family; we may have differing opinions, but we need to respect each other.

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Of all the countless speeches I have delivered in a long political life, the Ruskin speech is the one that is best remembered, and even today I have to maintain a small stock to meet requests for copies from students and others. Alas it is difficult to discuss these since high level participants give different views. It is hardly surprising that the apparent exhaustion of the education-reform consensus has been accompanied by exhaustion on the part of the American public whose children have been caught in the middle of the debate , not to mention many policy elites and politicians. For everyone concerned about education, the task remains unchanged. So the choice is between content as a context for developing valuable skills and content as a valuable end in itself. No sane observer expects to see the kind of "universal proficiency" that this statute demands by People have been using it for centuries and it gets the job done. Has the contract had any adverse effect on teachers being willing to give their time, as they did in the past, to extra-curricular activities?

Was this really how some students felt? During my own childhood as long ago as the s, many were denied the education they were capable of and this undoubtedly hardened my own convictions which are best summed up in the words of RH Tawney - "What a wise parent would wish for their own children, so the state must wish for all its children.

Trevor Fisher Published in History Today 1.

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NVQs on the other hand will be cumulative. A college degree itself is not enough to launch a successful career. I urge that some such scheme be devised.

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