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Certainly, there is evidence to show that poverty and crime are correlated. There are two offense categories in the report: part one and part two offenses. However, in reality, these crimes are committed during the day by adult offenders, not by individuals under the age of The former being the numerical value that represents the discrepancy between crime, which is reported, and crime which is committed actual crime.

Short essay on crime

Many people have the assumption that crimes are the result of intentional conduct, when most of the time it is negligent conduct such as speeding Where does this constant state of despair come from, research points to poverty The criminals have been operating in an organised way and sometimes even have nationwide and international connections and links. Furthermore the composition of women 's crime has hardly changed either. Introduction words Every year the British Crime Survey estimates there are , incidents of hate crime Hall, Image Source : newsworks. Crime is a major part of how a society functions. Violence, Killings, murders, rape scenes etc. During medieval period, spiritual explanations were taken as punishment given by god for doing wrong things and any natural disasters like flood, fires, etc were evaluated as curse of high power.

This influenced the progression of crime measurement directly Old, retired and lonely men and women living in posh colonies are easy targets of these criminals. Criminologists hold different views regarding the root of juvenile crime and that often leads into quite the argument.

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For this study, multiple independent variables will be used. So Cain asked Abel to a field as they were in the field, Cain attack Abel and killed him, that when the first crime has in the world Innocent lives are often lost in these acts of violence, such as what had happened at Columbine.

For instance, while same-sex relationship is accepted in some countries like the United States, United Kingdom etc

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